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Usage of mobile grows, while mobile internet declines.
07.12.16 | Interesting article at Daily News Egypt

A report by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology showed that the number of mobile users increased by 0.01% in September compared to August, scoring 96.26 million users. The penetration of mobile services reached 108.5% of the total population.

The number of internet users dropped significantly, losing 2.5 million users. Internet users in Egypt decreased from 36.48 million in August to 33.93 million in September.

The number of users of fixed internet ADSL services slightly increased by 1.5% in September, recording a total number of 4.41 million users up from 4.35 million in August.

Mobile internet users declined by 8.99% in September, scoring 26.18 million users, compared to 28.77 million users in August. Subscribers to USB modems went down from 3.36 million in August to 3.34 million users in September—a drop of 0.65%.