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Investor’s Guide to Egypt

N Gage released a report giving an overview of the economic situation in Egypt and guiding investors on opportunities and procedures to do business in Egypt.
N Gage consulting released a guide for investors planning to take on projects in Egypt. The report is a pre-summit product for the Economic conference in Sharm El Sheikh. It helps investors better understand the Egyptian market and Business atmosphere.

The report covers 5 main aspects:

1) The economic and political summary of the past 4 years.

2) Political roadmap and economic policy (post June 30th).

3) Egypt's multi-pillared strategy to bypass challenges (economic, legal, security and stability, and restructuring public enterprises).

4) Egypt's Potential as an international trade hub.

5) Doing Business in Egypt, a detailed illustration of procedures to establish industrial projects.

N Gage Consulting specializes in consulting with companies in relation to their government affairs and corporate affairs function.

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