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The Arab Weekly: UAE adds oil and gas to its interests in Egypt

UAE investments in Egypt totalled $6.2 billion in 2017, up from $6 billion the previous year.
07.05.18 | Interesting article at The Arab Weekly

Having acquired a 10% stake in the Shorouk concession in Egypt’s gigantic Mediterranean Zohr gas field in March, the UAE-based investment fund Mubadala Petroleum is preparing to explore for oil and gas off Egypt’s Red Sea coast.

Egypt has finalised seismic research off the coast and is in the process of compiling a comprehensive study off the Red Sea coast before inviting oil and gas companies — perhaps by the end of the year — to bid for concessions in the area, which is expected to hold huge mineral reserves.

Mubadala CEO Bakheet al-Katheeri, after an April 25 meeting with Egyptian Petroleum Minister Tarek el-Molla, said the company was interested in long-term cooperation with Egypt regarding petroleum and gas.

Mubadala bought the 10% stake in the Shorouk concession from Italian state-owned Eni for $934 million. Katheeri confirmed that the company had expressed an interest in upgrading Egypt’s crude oil fields.